Suzuki Swift GTI Turbo -88

Unfornately my english isn't really that good, so I can't give you any detailed information of my project. But here is some short info.

In end summer 2000 i had an idea to equip my Suzuki Swift GLX -87 (The blue one) with a turbo. The plan was to visit a junkyard and get a cheap turbo, then just bolt it on and drive as long as the car would last. The main idea was to do this as a fun thing, and then just laugh about it.. :) Well, things didn't go that way...

I decided to get another car to work on, just to have another car that I could use daily. So, after a while I also had an Suzuki Swift GTI -88 (The red one). As a matter of fact this car was in quite a good shape, so I now decided to do this thing a little bit more serious. Take a look at the pictures to the right to get an idea of what was done.. Unfortunately these pictures was taken before i totaly rebuilt the whole turbosetup, but movie #11 shows what was hidden under the hood this summer. :)

The main usage of this little red beauty is streetracing, but of course it can be used as any other car...

Here is some quarter mile specs from the summer 2002. Estimated power at this time is 160 kw.

  • E.T 13.172
  • KPH 176.865
  • 60 FT 2.276
  • 660 FT 8.701
  • KPH (660 FT) 143.156

The car is now into bits and pieces, and I'm working hard to get at least 220 kw next summer. Then I should also be able to do the quarter mile in low 12:s (perhaps an 11)...

To the left you can download some fun videos that I've done with my suzukis, and a super motard motorcycle. To view the movies you need an DivX codec, and you can download it here. If you dont get any sound, you need an MP3 codec. Download it here.

Please feel free to ask anything, of course I will help if I can.